Australia, a diverse land offering plenty of options for travellers.
Queensland’s expansive beaches, coral reef systems, rainforests, tropical islands, vibrant cities, quaint historical towns, bustling cities and vast deserts all offer a transformative and life-changing experience.
New South Wales, Australia’s sparkling jewel with the expansive Sydney Harbour and world-famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour bridge posing a breathtaking site no matter how many times you visit. With its seemingly endless beach stretches, lush rainforests and alpine bushlands, plus a sophisticated dining scene, New South Wales offers a rich and diverse landscape and culinary scene to explore with its bewilderingly beautiful turquoise coastlines and the diverse landscapes of the alpine skiing areas and rich forest regions.
Tasmania, dubbed the ‘holiday isle’, taking a trip to Tasmania will captivate your sense of adventure, discovery and longing to disconnect from it all. The island state’s natural beauty is unparalleled with rich cultural experiences, and world class culinary offerings like cheeses, raspberries, oysters and whiskey. Get a true feel for Tasmania on a self-drive tour and take in its powder-white beaches, hike world famous trails like the Overland Track and soak up some of the world’s most ancient forests. Whatever your flavour, ‘Tassie’ is waiting for you.
Victoria, with its famed dramatic coastlines, world-class wineries and Melbourne - the ‘most liveable city’ on earth, Victoria is waiting to take your breath away. With a foodie culture steeped in history, the European-inspired capital city of Melbourne is mecca for culture, arts, sports and a huge array of international cuisines. Just a stones throw from the big smoke and some of the most enticing and spectacularly beautiful scenery unfolds.
Whether you head south for a peninsula or check out Philip Island home to little fairy penguins, or head west for incredible mountain ranges, Victoria is abundant with adventure, wildlife, and achingly beautiful landscapes.
Australia’s capital city Canberra is jam packed with cultural experiences which are bound to inspire and educate you about the history of this massive country. From national memorial sites to the new and old Parliament House precincts, or local culinary hotspots, Canberra has loads to offer. Just minutes away from the city centre you’ll discover spectacular forests, and scenic spots. A mecca for mountain bike adventurers and rock climbers, it’s no wonder the locals love the lifestyle of this diverse territory.
South Australia, world-class wineries, historic towns, the deep red outback and dramatic coastlines are waiting to greet you in this desert-meets-the-ocean State. Wine, wine and wine is what it’s all about in South Australia as one of Australia’s preeminent winemaking regions, but this State offers more than just top-notch Shiraz. It has made a name for itself as a relaxed area brimming with wildlife and breathtaking natural scenery.

Outside the capital city of Adelaide, undulating wine regions make phenomenal self-drive or guided tours, or you can make your way along the rugged coastlines and wind swept plains – how knows you may see a migrating whale or koalas snoozing in the gumtrees.

Western Australia with a land mass of more than 2.646 million km, Western Australia (WA) is Australia’s largest state spanning nearly one third of the country. From its world-class wineries in the south, to the most pristine white-sandy beaches, unique wildlife and deep red desert dunes, WA offers limitless options to explore and deeply enrich your life.

In the capital city of Perth you will discover a vibrant music scene, spectacular beach and foodie scene, but once you step outside the city, you will quickly find yourself on a deserted, white-sand beach with only kangaroos or quokkas for company. Go diving and you could come face-to-face with the vibrant and often gentle giants of the ocean, the whale sharks.

Northern Territory, affectionately dubbed ‘never-never’ land, the Northern Territory (NT) is home to one of Australia’s most unique and ancient landscapes. Get ready to slow down and soak up the relaxed pace of the NT. From the mighty monolith of Uluru to the coastal capital of Darwin and its neighbouring islands, the Northern Territory is a vast, sacred and spectacular place to visit.

In the never-never land, you’ll meet Australia’s first peoples and their deep connection and knowledge of the land and ancient customs. With archaeological history potentially having started over 60,000 years ago, you’ll also experience spectacular natural wonders which seem to have no boundaries in space and time.

Christmas and neighbouring Cocos (Keeling) Islands take ‘social isolation’ to the next level, and there’s nowhere else like them anywhere else in the world. Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands are affectionately known as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Closer to Asia than mainland Australia, the islands are home to a tantalising mix of cultures and some of the world's most breathtaking natural wonders.

These are not your typical tropical island paradises and the island’s are famous for its sea birds, red crabs, majestic whale sharks and stunning coral reefs. Almost two-thirds of Christmas Island is national park.

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