Sister Act Travel Franchise’s Available

Attention Experienced Travel Professional’s

Are you wanting to step into your own  agency but lack the know how?

Scared to take this step because, who would you turn to in times of unknown?

Great news! Sister Act Travel now offers Franchises.

Background: Ten years ago I commenced Sister Act Travel for the following reasons:

  1. Build my own business
  2. Family/life balance
  3. Generate an income
  4. Maintain my industry discounts!

Fast forward ten years and from one person in a home office to: corporate office with three home agents and an invaluable employee. I have created this business independently (with appropriate affiliations) and you too can do the same, with my support.

If you tick the following boxes, I recommend contacting me.

  1. Make your own targets, set your own pace
  2. Build your own business, grow it over time, an asset you can later sell
  3. Be your own Boss


  1. Affordable Start-Up Cost
  2. Exclusive Territories
  3. Continued Low Cost allowing you to maintain strong returns
  4. Be part of a family, not just a number
  5. Continued Training Support, including one on one sessions
  6. Start-Up Package Including Lap-Top and Working Manual
  7. Develop your business with professional support.

Sister Act Difference

Sister Act Travel is an Independent Agency, understanding the needs of the staff and the clients. The business model is not based on monthly sales, the commitment is to the long-term sustainability of the business.

Comparison Sister Act Travel Home Based Agency Travel Agency Employee
Work from Home Yes Yes Potentially
Flexible Working Hours Yes Yes Potentially
Commission Split No Yes Yes
Sales Targets No Yes/No Yes
Fees Yes Yes Yes
Training/Support Yes Yes Yes
Passive Income Yes

*Home Based Agents, Employees, Overrides

No No
Growth of business – asset to grow and later sell Yes Can be difficult, as client base unique to agent No: agency owner grows to later sell
Marketing/Advertising Yes Yes Yes
1300 Number Yes Yes Yes
Human Resource Support to assist in growing your team Yes Potentially Yes: increase profit for business owner

Dollar Value

Comparison Sister Act Travel Home Based Agency Travel Agent Employee
Total Annual Sales Based on Gross $500,000.00 Average yield 11% $55,000.00/Year $55,000.00/Year



Dependent on Agency
Fees Royalties & Loyalties


Commission to Head office based on:

10%: $5500.00/Year

20% $11,000.00/Year

40% $22,000.00/Year

Dependent on Agency
Software $200.00/Month $200.00/Month


Employer Pays
Printing $60.00/Month $60.00/Month


Employer Pays
Phone/Internet $150.00/Month $150.00/Month


Employer Pays
Insurance’s $845.00/Year Public Liability

Approximately $500.00/Year

Employer Pays
Work Cover $200.00/Year *dependent on staff levels Nil Employer Pays
Agency Kick Backs/Overrides 1%

Based on Sales $500,000.00 = $5000.00 if using preferred wholesalers through ATAC

Dependent on Agreement Agency owner retains

*All cost is approximate and to be used as a Guide Only.

Yes, there is buy in price to become apart of the Sister Act Travel Franchise group. However, if you are currently paying commission to a Head Office you will quickly re-coup these funds, and these funds are now invested in your own business.

Comparable to: Paying Rent VS a mortgage.

The benefit of working with Sister Act Travel is: the continued support in the growth of your business, not just a client base. If you only grow a client base you may struggle to sell this down the track. If you build a business with other staff/employees, you will create an asset. Sister Act Travel will assist with: Human Resources, Work Place Health & Safety, IT requirements, manage Website and Marketing.

No commission split: This Franchise model has no commission split, yes there are small fees, but you will retain your commissions, you deserve them!

Together we can all prosper.

Joanne Warne

Sister Act Travel Franchises