Daintree Eco Lodge

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Daintree Eco Lodge 

This unique boutique accommodation is nestled in the heart of the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest and offers 15 eco-friendly ‘bayans’ (treehouses) immersed in the canopy. Boasting majestic Bull Kauri trees, a private waterfall and dedicated walks. 

The Daintree Ecolodge is the perfect destination to reconnect with nature and the people you love. Believed to be over 180 million years old, and the oldest tropical lowland rainforest on Earth, the Daintree Rainforest is a rare jewel in the crown of Mother Nature, where lush tropical rainforest meets sweeping white sand beaches and fringing coral reefs. 

The Ecolodge features a main lodge with a bar, a rainforest restaurant and dining area overlooking the onsite lagoon, the Daintree Wellness Spa, an inviting swimming pool, private and pristine onsite waterfall and swimming hole and a multitude of quiet areas amongst the lush tropical rainforest to relax and unwind. 

Access to the Daintree Ecolodge is via a 90 minute drive north of Cairns, on one of Australia’s most spectacular drives. Departing Cairns in a northerly direction on the Captain Cook Highway is a stunning coastal drive to Port Douglas, Mossman and Daintree Village. The lodge is nestled on the southern banks of the impressive Daintree River so a ferry crossing is not required. 

Self-driving is recommended while transfers can be arranged upon request. 

The Daintree Ecolodge offers a breathtaking retreat and the perfect base to explore the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest. Estimated to be 180 million years old, the Daintree National Park is a rare jewel in the crown of Mother Nature, where lush tropical rainforest meets sweeping beaches and fringing coral reefs. Its positioning alongside the Great Barrier Reef makes it the only place in the world where two UNESCO World Heritage Sites meet. The Daintree’s spectacular scenery captures coastal views, rugged mountain peaks, crystal clear creeks and waterfalls as well as forest as far as the eye can see. 


Daintree Wilderness lodge  

Located just 14km north of the Daintree River and 30 minutes from Cape Tribulation (20minute boat ride to the Great Barrier Reef), the Daintree Wilderness Lodge allows guests to indulge in modern comfort as they experience the beauty of the rainforest. 

As an accredited eco-lodge, our focus is on providing an authentic rainforest experience, while also minimising our effect on the surrounding ecology. 

Walking through such an old rainforest around the Daintree Wilderness Lodge brings a sense of calmness, as history and evolution are brought to life. Our natures walk winds through fan palm auditoriums, with a beautiful small creek at the end to swim in or simply enjoy the fish and birdlife it attracts. 

There is a large amount of life that calls the Daintree Rainforest home. When you slow down, absorb it and take it all in, it is amazing how much you can see. On every tree, there is a life-force which is growing and surviving. It’s a rare opportunity to see the beauty of the Rainforest, look closely, absorb it, and enjoy it. 

On the property we have a small nature walk which leads down our seasonal creek for you to relax and enjoy. The Cassowary has often been spotted along this walk as well as the bright Ulyssus butterfly and many unique rainforest birds. 

Amongst the trees are some of the oldest Hope’s Cycads which take 100 years to grow just 1 metre, so you can imagine how precious this old one is to us. It is amazing to see this old relic right here on our Nature Walk. 

The Daintree Wilderness Lodge has been designed to ensure minimal impact on the natural environment, being awarded the Advanced Ecotourism Eco Certificate, which illustrates our commitment to maintaining an Eco-Friendly Resort. 

Considerable effort has been taken to reduce our force on the environment, including waste, pollution, and noise pollution. Steps were taken from the beginning of building the lodge to preserve the rainforest which makes us a highly regarded Eco Accommodation example within the area of the Daintree National Park. 

Our Eco lodge utilises walkways and stilts to minimise the impact on the canopy floor ensuring our Eco accommodation credentials are well deserved. The rainforest has such a delicate Eco-system and every element plays a vital role in maintaining its life-force. 

Your cabin sits on stilts with your very own walkway leading you to your front door. Each Cabin features a unique viewing sunroof allowing you to gaze up into the rainforest and filling your cabin with beautiful rays of sunshine in the morning and natural light during the day. 

The seven cabins are set a fair distance from the next, all tucked away beneath the canopy and under the beautiful fan palms, offering a “canopy coolness” and privacy within your cabin. The cabins have been individually named to match the trees and palms found in the rainforest. 

Three of the cabins offer twin share or three adult share options, most however are designed for couples, featuring a queen-sized bed and ensuite. 

 Please note that we welcome children 10 years of age and older.