Sister Act Travel Covid19 Policy

Sister Act Travel has been in operation for eleven years, building a solid reputation for being a company you can rely on and trust.

This trust has been put to the test during COVID19, as the agency has worked tirelessly with travel suppliers to chase travel refunds and to ensure people were able to return home safely in some cases.


If you are not sure about what you’re entitled to in terms of cancellations, refunds and delays due to Covid19, download AFTA’s fact sheet.

While the pandemic continues to be a presence in our lives, we cannot predict what the future holds for travel. We continue to stand by the terms and conditions of all our travel bookings and to take good care of the relationships we hold dear between our precious customers, travel suppliers, and other businesses to ensure a positive experience and the best possible outcome for all.

Our strong relationships with suppliers assists us in times of uncertainty in the rebuilding or re-booking of cancelled holidays. You can depend on us to do our very best to look after your interests and safety.

We continue to be AFTA Accredited and to obey to its strict operational conditions and Australian Government guidelines.

Feel secure with us:

  • AFTA Accredited
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Trusted reputation
  • Keeping up to date with all Covid19 requirements for this industry